4 In 1 SPD 800WSolar Grid Tie Micro Inverter

SP-D Series micro inverter is the second generation of SP micro inverter, main improvement is efficiency, and the efficiency can reach 96.5%

Protection level up to IP67
Ten-year warranty

The parallel micro inverter has one more AC output port, which can parallel two 800W micro inverters to output 1600W power, and up to 10 units to output 8000W power.

This micro inverter can connect up to four solar panels, output 800W.

1.On grid output: Selling power to grid for profit.
2. Pure sine wave solar inverter.
3. Two MPPT charger controller inside, MPPT efficiency ≥99.9%.
4. Output voltage: AC 110/120/220/230V, automatic adjustment.
5. Paralleling connection for bigger output.
6. Undervoltage, short-circuit, overloading and backflow protection.
7. Smart phone APP monitoring system.
8.Output power: 600W 700W 800W