WVC-2800 Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter

fifth-generation WVC series communication products adopt a waterproof streamlined design, which can better provide heat dissipation for the equipment. The built-in maximum power point tracking engine (MPPT) can better capture the changes in light, and it can work even in rainy weather, and it can capture and collect sunlight to the greatest extent. The inverter is compatible with a variety of conventional solar panels with an open circuit voltage of 22~60V, and through technical means, the panel can exert its best performance. The power output mode of Kadeng micro-inverter is reverse transmission technology, which gives priority to the supply of electric energy to the load, and then uploads the excess electric energy to the local grid. Its conversion efficiency is as high as 95%. The product has a number of national invention and appearance patents. , And has CE, CEC, ETL, INMETOR and other regional and national product certifications.

Product parameter

Maximum input power4*875W
Output voltage mode120V/230V automatic switching
Solar panel open circuit voltage range30-54V
Peak power tracking voltage22-60V
Min/Max starting voltage22-60V
Maximum DC short circuit current4*32A
Maximum input working current4*27A
Output parameters@120V@230V
Peak output power3000Watt3000Watt
Rated output power2800Watt2800Watt
Rated output current23.5A12.2A
Rated voltage range80-160VAC180-280VAC
Rated frequency range48-51Hz/58-61Hz48-51Hz/58-61Hz
Power Factor>99%>99%
Number of circuit connections per string2 sets (single phase)4 sets (single phase)
Output efficiency@120V@230V
Static MPPT efficiency99.5%99.5%
Maximum output efficiency95%95%
Power loss at night<1w<1w
Total harmonic distortion<5%<5%
Appearance and technical characteristics
range of working temperature-40 ℃ to +65 ℃
net weight3.38kg
waterproof levelIP65
Cooling methodSelf-cooling
Communication modeWifi
Power transmission modeReverse transmission, load priority
surveillance systemMobile App
Electromagnetic CompatibilityEN50081.Party EN50082.Party 1
Grid disturbanceEN61000-3-2 Safety Regulation 62109
Grid detectionDIN VDE 0126
certificateCE, CEC, appearance patent
Package weight
specificationSingle (packaging)Box (4 sets)
Gross weight4.38Kg18.7Kg