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Shenzhen Stepup-Tech Co Ltd located in Shenzhen China, was established in 2014, focus on the research and innovation of distributed energy storage products and grid tie micro inverter technology, mastering the international advanced green energy storage technology and completed energy storage battery application solutions. As OEM/ODM expert, we cooperate with many global or area leading brand in providing high quality and innovation products, in the integration of photovoltaic energy storage, on/off grid inverter power, all in one energy storage system, etc.


what we offer

building a sustainable low-carbon service and energy future

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micro inverter
photobank 1
solar panel
photobank 3
mc4 cable
SKU 02 41 inches Tilt Mount
solar rack
photobank 2
battery storage system


reliable quality gains reputation from worldwide

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Power everywhere

building a sustainable low-carbon service and energy future

on grid system

saving energy for your electricity bill

on grid with battery

saving electricity bill and backup power

Off Grid solution

power for out of grid


The solar energy industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years