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The number of people who do online shopping is at an all-time high, and the numbers keep rising. As the number of shoppers goes up, so does the number of package thefts. We sat down with a member of law enforcement to find some tips and tricks to keep your packages and home safe.

package theft

With the holiday season coming up, the popularity of online shopping is at an all-time high. In addition to having all your goodies delivered straight to your door, your neighborhood may have some unfamiliar guests visiting this holiday season. Now is the time to consider investing in a home security system. 

“We have noticed both burglaries and package thefts trend toward certain neighborhoods. Package thefts have been more frequent in high-density housing complexes with multiple townhouses or houses close together,” Lt. Raj Maharaj of the Milpitas Police Department says. 

But, Lt. Maharaj says there are ways to counter criminals and not be an easy target. Dead bolting front and back doors, locking side gates and placing wooden dowels in window/sliding glass door tracks are just a few ways to deter burglars.  

“Visible cameras and audible alarms are deterrents as well,” he notes. And, above all else, “make sure to call the police if there are any solicitors or suspicious people. Do not wait to call the police.”

There may or may not be a correlation between advances in home security and decreases in home burglaries, but as security systems and security cameras become more advanced the rate that law enforcement solves these crimes continues to rise. 

“Often video footage is the only lead for police departments,” Lt. Maharaj goes on “I recommend putting cameras as close to eye-level as possible to capture suspect’s faces instead of just the tops of their heads.”

As money spent on online shopping continues to grow, it only makes sense to protect your home with a security system that will keep burglars at a distance. From smart light bulbs, switches and plugs that you can control remotely to look like you’re home even when you’re not to security cameras with two-way talk and built-in sirens, protecting and monitoring your home is smarter and more advanced than ever.

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